Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wait what? A year went by?!!!

Well it's been more than a year since may last post... not that I'm a procrastinator or anything...

I've decided to begin writing again, to share some of the incredible events of the last year. The truth is I've intended to, but haven't been disciplined enough to actually sit down and's time to blog.

Thinking of walking through the events of the last year chronologically, I've decided instead to give a bit of an overview, and then just fire off posts of events as I remember them- perhaps a little life lesson here, or funny anecdote there, a story about almost being trampled by elephants in the jungle during a 4000 mile motorcycle Soul Safari... that sort of thing... so the posts may be a little sporadic and random, but hopefully organic :) Please feel free to share thoughts and comments, as the fun part's sharing the journey and reflections!

Brief Recap:

Sigh, deep breath... ready to read a novel? Me neither, so I'll keep it short... promise :) (tangent: Every time I use an emoticon I hear Lance Armstrong's voice in my head saying, "men over 30 should not use emoticons" :0

The plane lifted off in September, the warm northwest summer still aglow. A stop in Chicago to meet up with Kristen, the founder of Purse of Hope, then off to Uganda...

It's absolutely impossible to express the love, pain, joy, and redemption I experienced during the establishment of Purse of Hope in Uganda over the last year. It's really best you just check out the Purse of Hope Facebook page, where hundreds of people are cheering the girls on, offering support, and keeping up to speed with the awesome photos, videos, and news updates. You'll want to laugh, cry, and maybe even dance... :)

So let's just start with that... a beautiful story...