Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Never fear, Erin's here!

So I'm a little late with this post, but I'm sure you understand. Erin arrived early this month, to begin this amazing chapter of life in Africa. I linked up in Kampala with some wonderful folks from her Adjumani family, Jeff and Michelle Thiessen, and Jacqulin. We all headed to the airport to welcome Erin, and I got to steal the first hug :)

We were able to meet some of the people involved in World Venture over the next couple of days, and we spent nearly a week together before heading up to Gulu. From there we moved on to Adjumani, where Erin got to meet up with Rick and Faye Meyer, and begin settling in to her nice rural homestead, complete with chickens roaming around the yard.

Erin and I at the Lorenzen's in Kampala

We went on a little hike to the top of Naguru Hill in Kampala, and took this video:

I'll send another update soon~ Hope you are all well!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Restore Academy Celebrates

Head Teacher Peter, and our Project Coordinator Laker in front of a banner which students designed for Restore Academy's 1 year anniversary celebrations.

Parents, students, and community members gathered to listen to the celebration addresses. The grove of trees behind the school in Kati-Kati provided a welcomed shelter from the hot sun.

After giving a short speech, James (Deputy Head Teacher/Translator) and I connected speakers to my laptop, and played a greeting from Restore's founder, Bob Goff, which we had recorded over telephone the previous evening. It actually worked pretty well!

Mzee Paul Lwkuia, our Interim Board Chairman, leans on my knee and shares some words of wisdom. He's a gentle, wonderful man, and grandfather-figure for many. Very well respected, and an amazing advocate for children in multiple communities, he's also a dear friend, and we're blessed to have him guiding our development team.

After the speeches, and a delicious meal of posho (cornflower dumplings), chicken, mashed bananas, and greens, students and community members gathered for a soccer game with visiting Saint Mary's College. Despite being younger, our boys, some of which played with no shoes, gave a spirited effort, and defeated St. Mary's 6-1.

Enjoying the game...


Local kids cheer with Laker~ A wonderful way to cap off a splendid day of celebrations~