Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Never fear, Erin's here!

So I'm a little late with this post, but I'm sure you understand. Erin arrived early this month, to begin this amazing chapter of life in Africa. I linked up in Kampala with some wonderful folks from her Adjumani family, Jeff and Michelle Thiessen, and Jacqulin. We all headed to the airport to welcome Erin, and I got to steal the first hug :)

We were able to meet some of the people involved in World Venture over the next couple of days, and we spent nearly a week together before heading up to Gulu. From there we moved on to Adjumani, where Erin got to meet up with Rick and Faye Meyer, and begin settling in to her nice rural homestead, complete with chickens roaming around the yard.

Erin and I at the Lorenzen's in Kampala

We went on a little hike to the top of Naguru Hill in Kampala, and took this video:

I'll send another update soon~ Hope you are all well!


kjtownley said...

How wonderful to be there together! We are so happy for you both to be sharing the experience. It was interesting to see how differently children there react to a dog. Most kids here would have smothered that dog with love.

Valerie said...

Oh! How cute are you two? Miss you both lots. G and I think and pray for the cutest BFF couple frequently. Hugs and smiles to you both.