Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dusty Road to Gulu

The highway to Gulu

Holy Cow they're different here!

Baboons along Gulu road

Uganda has been amazing . It's literally been a whirlwind of dusty potholed roads, huts, jerry cans, bucket showers, fine houses with servants, elder meetings, and tons of wonderful, welcoming new friends. I'll go days without seeing another white person, which is definitely a new experience for me. Kids often smile and wave, saying Munu hi! We're known as Munus and Muzungus (in luo-Acholi and Luganda languages). The really little ones are often scared, which is pretty funny, but hey, if you'd never seen white skin before, that'd be pretty alarming! There's always the rare exception though, as today the cutest little girl I've ever seen (she's 1 1/2, walked up to me with bright eyes and seemed fascinated. She stuck out here hand and looked stunned as I smiled and took her's in mine.

Africa is hot. The rumor's true. But as I looked up during a tribal land meeting under a mango tree today, there was a palm-tree set against the beautiful expansive sky and I thought, "this is paradise."

Outside my window right now I'm hearing chants and instruments from the IDP camps behind the house where I'm staying. It's difficult for me to describe the sound, but picture a national geographic documentary soundtrack. It's kind of crazy to be typing this on an almost state of the art cumputer and sending it half way around the world in a second, while meanwhile there is tribal chanting and dancing going on a hundred yards away. This is Africa...cell phones and huts.

It's absolutely pouring outside right now... Todo was right... The good news is, the landcruiser's now clean...


Kristy said...

Hello Blake-ster! you are on such an amazing adventure. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about you sending us this on the state of the art computer, while listening to a tribal chant out your window and your amazing little new friends. We're proud of you. Stay safe and enjoy your adventure for all of us over here! - Kristy Davis

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake,
I am not the least surprised that you are on this adventure. I have always felt, from our conversations, and perhaps a connection to each other, that you would find the courage to answer your call. You have done just that. I know from my own experiences, that when you hear the whispering from within, and you undertake the challenges of such a journey, you will emerge a changed person, certain in the knowledge that it was part of your destiny and you will carry with you for the rest of your life, the widom this calling will instill within you.
Enjoy every day. Life is an adventure!
With Love,
Uncle Michael and Aunt Lynne