Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Board of Directors and Administration of Restore Academy

Inside the classroom...

Restore Academy held a conference with the board of directors to concerning the establishment of core values, and to discuss the development plan for the school. The board consists of teachers, pastors, and community elders. The sessions centered around living out the gospel in love, and creating a safe, enriching learning environment for the students.

A meeting with the Ugandan Head Trainer (Soccer Coach)

Laker (law-kay), one of my two close colleagues with Restore, has been organizing a youth soccer gathering from kids in Gulu. The kids gather every late-afternoon to play soccer. This provides a wonderful opportunity for Laker and other mentors to encourage the kids to avoid the dangers of the streets, to have respect for their brothers, and to work as a team. Laker is extremely well connected, and invited Stone, the head soccer trainer in Uganda, to come and speak to the kids. This would be the equivalent of Vince Lombardi in the 60's visiting a youth football program in rural Wisconsin. Stone encouraged the kids to continue to take care of their bodies, to practice physical and mental discipline, and lit a fire of hope within them when he shared with them the national soccer community's desire to tap into the talent of the youth in Gulu. "Your legs can take you far...can pay for your education...can even lead you to fields around the world."
Most of the kids can't afford shoes, so they play barefoot

Stone, Laker, and another Ugandan National League Player

Things are going well here... two groups comprising 6 Americans in all have arrived this week, and are settling in, developing relationships, and helping out wherever they can. I'll send an update soon... Hope everyone is well...bye for now!


dan said...

Yes! I finally found your blog! Actually, I just got your voicemail and typed in the address, but... It's such a luxury to be able to stay so connected. Your pics look great!

de la vega said...

Blake! Hey amigo, so cool to see a bit of what you see. Keep your praying public in the know!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are incredible pictures! Stay safe and keep the updates coming!